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May 16, 2017


In many applications, however, we need to handle a large volume of data in terms of reading, processing and printing. To process such large amounts of data, we need a powerful data type that would facilitate efficient storing, accessing and manipulation of data items. C supports a derived data type known as array that can be used for such application.
An array is a fixed sized sequenced collection of elements of the same data type. Itis simply a grouping of like type data. In its simplest form an array can be used to represents a list of numbers, or a list of names.
Below are some examples where the concept of array can be used.
·         List of temperature recorded every hour in a day, or a month or a year.
·         List of employees in an organization.
·         List of products and their cost sold by a store.
·         Test scores of a class of students.
·         Table of daily rainfall data.
·         List of customers and their telephone number.
Since an array provides convenient structure for representing data, it is classified as one of the data structure in C. Other data structure includes structures, lists, queues, and trees.
The ability to use a single name to represents a collection of items and to refer to an item by specifying the item number enables us to develop concise and efficient programs. We can use array to represents not only simplest list of values but also table of data into two, three or more dimensions. C language provides three types of array as given below.
·         One Dimensional Array
·         Two Dimensional Array
·         Multidimensional Array