Mid Semester Question Bank


  1. Define array. What are the limitations of linear array?
  2. Define Array. List the types of array.
  3. Explain multi dimensional array with example.
  4. Explain sscanf() and sprintf().
  5. Explain Insertion Operation on 1-D array with example.
  6. Explain Searching Operation on 1-D array with example.
  7. List the various operations on string and explain with example.
  8. Write a program read 10 numbers and sort them in ascending order.
  9. Explain merging operation of arrays and write C example.


  1. What is pointer? Explain with example. Write advantages of a pointer.
  2. Explain pointer operators (* and &) in brief.
  3. Difference between static and dynamic memory allocation
  4. What is void pointer? Explain void pointer with example.
  5. Explain malloc() and calloc() with example.
  6. Explain array of pointers with example.
  7. Explain Pointer to Pointer with example.